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Curaloe Organic Anti-Pollution Serum 30ml - 81% Aloe Vera and Reishi Mushroom

Sale priceDhs. 165.24

Pamper your skin with the Curaloe Anti-Pollutant Serum's unique blend of organic Aloe Vera and other potent ingredients. It's the perfect solution for all skin types, instantly soothing & nourishing while locking in moisture.

Petitgrain, Rose & Frankincense oils combine to tone & reinvigorate dehydrated, aged & devitalized skin, reducing wrinkles & leaving you with soft, hydrated & revitalized skin.

With an ultra-light consistency that rapidly absorbs into your skin's complexion, the Curaloe Anti-Pollutant Serum helps protect against free radical damage and environmental stress while promoting a clearer, more youthful glow to your skin.

Active Botanical Ingredients

🌿 81% Aloe Vera 🌹 Rose Oil
🍄 Reishi Mushroom 🌱 Petitgrain Oil
🌰 Sesame Seed Oil 🌳 Frankincense Oil
🌻 Sunflower Seed Oil 🌸 Tephrosia Purperea Extract



  • 81% Aloe Vera
  • Tone & renew skin
  • Hydrating & moisturising
  • Reduces wrinkles for a youthful complexion
  • Protect against free radicals & environmental stressors
  • 30ml
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially mature skin and people living in cities

 Curaloe Organics Cosmos Certification